The movie

Throughout a whole year, Erwan Augoyard and Sophie Kovess-Brun filmed Kevin Prat-Irien, Ester Manas, Gabriel Figueiredo and Olivier Maire – students at the fashion section of La Cambre in Brussels – in order to understand why Fashion thrills these young artists so much. Witnessing the construction of their final year collection demonstrates that this practice deserves its place in the Pantheon of the Arts and that its exercise involves doubts, demands and hard work. Bouquet Final also questions the creative process in its youth and traces, in an honest way, the path of these students. In doing so, it depicts this decisive moment of late adolescence and early adulthood, when life reveals its realness and poetry. How do these young people dream it and express it to the world?  Do they find success, face disappointment or a little bit of both ? Interspersed with interviews of fashion professionals, Bouquet Final is a chance to meet a new generation and discover the codes that unify them.